3rd SAX IN THE CITY, 22.10.2022

In 2022 the Sekvoja Cultural Society commemorates the 10th anniversary. Therefore, the 3rd Sax in the City concert will be solemn and extended to the all-day feast of saxophone.
The framework of the event will be represented by the SOS junior Youth Saxophone Orchestra, led by prof. Lev Pupis. As is appropriate for such an anniversary, the concert will be designed festively and its red thread will be "I dance with my fingers." Musicians will conjure up a festive and cheerful atmosphere with songs of various dance characters, from Waltz, Bolera, Charleston, to the rhythms of Latin America and hip-hop, which will be further enriched by special domestic and foreign guests.
The saxophone festival will begin in the morning, when the youngest section, called SOSintro, will introduce themselves. The group, led by Metka Pupis, will perform in one of Ljubljana's old-age homes, presenting saxophone to an older population and to people who are no longer able to attend concerts.
The centrepiece will undoubtedly be an evening concert of the SOS junior Youth Orchestra, which will be danceful and colourful.
One of the aims of the association is to encourage Slovenian composers to write new compositions for the saxophone orchestra. The upcoming 3rd Sax in the City concert will also include a new work by the Slovenian author of the younger generation. That is why we have opened a public competition to encourage young composers up to 25 years of age to write for this interesting musical assembly. We invited renowned Slovenian composers and educators to the expert jury for the selection of the winning composition, which will premiere at our jubilee concert
Our special foreign guest, the world-renowned English jazz saxophonist and composer Julian Arguëlles, a professor at the University of Music in Graz, will also contribute a new composition for the saxophone orchestra for this event.
The concert will take place on 22.10.2022 at 19:00 in the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana.

The second annual concert

but the first live, has taken place on July 11th 2021 in the hall of Slovenian Philharmonic in Ljubljana.

You can see the highlights here.

The purpose of the concert is to popularize the saxophone as an instrument suitable for performing various musical genres and to expand the rich offer of cultural programs in Slovenia. We will put Ljubljana on the European map of saxophone music and in the future we will organize a major event related to this instrument.

The premiere concert of youth saxophone orchestra SOS junor Sax in the city was conducted online due to the COVID-19. The recordings were made between October and December 2020. Despite the closure of social life our creativity did not dry up.

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