Photo by Adrijan Pregelj

youth saxophone orchestra

SOS is a youth saxophone orchestra which consists of approximately 40 members, its young saxophonists coming from 12 Slovene music schools.

Its primary goal is educating young players in orchestral performance and providing a creative environment which additionally motivates young musicians to engage in creating and performing music. One of our goals is also identifying exceptional musical talents in time, so that they can be properly and professionally instructed and oriented on their musical journey.

Alongside our pedagogic and socialising goals, we at the Sekvoja Cultural Association wish to enable the young to gain as much artistic experience as possible, which is why we often perform with the SOS orchestra.

The artistic leader of the orchestra is Lev Pupis, soloist and saxophone professor at the Music and Ballet Conservatoire of Ljubljana, the following 5 saxophone professors making up the rest of the professional team: Jovana Joka, Weronika Partyka, Joanna Blejwas, Rok Volk, and Aleš Logar. Organisational and other technical duties fall to Sekvoja president Gregor Zupančič, Tamara Zupančič, and a team of parents.

The orchestra welcomes all new members, who can get actively acquainted with our work at the ALPSAX SUMMER, our summer school in Kranjska Gora, where the programme for the upcoming school year is formed and practiced. There are no special conditions for becoming a member, we accept children between 10 and 13 who possess a basic knowledge of the saxophone and who wish to socialise musically with fellow peers from all around Slovenia.

Here are some of our more noticeable performances:

- At the “SOS Junior 200” 2014/2015 tour (Koper, Bled, Vuzenica, Ajdovščina, Krško, Sarajevo, Bihač)
- At the Belgrade Saxperience 2015 Festival
- At the Sax Herbst Festival, Vienna 2015
- At the International Saxophone Meeting, Nova Gorica 2015
- At the 2nd annual AS International Music Festival, Bled 2016
- At the Saxophobia Bratislava 2017 Festival
- At the 3rd annual AS International Music Festival, Bled 2017

The orchestra performs classical, jazz, and pop scores, and is often accompanied by renowned soloists and conductors, such as Alain Crepin, Philippe Geiss, Oto Vrhovnik, Jan Gričar and others.

In the previous season, we added to our classical section by forming a JAZZ section and so gained a cast in this genre also. Another fruit of our carefully planned labour with young musicians is the Saxplode ensemble, an octet of our most experienced orchestra members which became active in the 2016/17 school year and has already set out on an independent musical journey.